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  • Our Ready Mix Concrete Blackfriars concrete plant was established in 2010 and its main activity is the production of concrete and the supply of concrete. From the beginning, the company has supplied its own equipment and devices needed to implement concrete production. These are means of transport, concrete pumps, machines. We have the largest, fully computerized concrete plant at the German company Stetter. We are absolutely faithful to the hypothesis that only high quality of production and adjustment to the wishes of our contractors will give us a sense of satisfaction and trust of our customers. We invite companies and individual clients to cooperate with us. Call or write our advisors will choose a concrete flat adapted to your expectations.

  • According to the assumptions of the European standard, it should be expected that concrete made in accordance with the requirements for the indicated exposure classes will be durable in the environment for which it was designed, provided: proper arrangement, compaction and care, ensuring reinforcement wrapping, designing the concrete structure in accordance with the actual requirements of the conditions environment, operation of the structure in the conditions for which it was designed, compliance with proper maintenance. The class of concrete is determined in the design by the designer. When valuing, it is worth paying attention to it, because especially higher grades of concrete have a greater proportion of cement in the concrete mix, which has a significant impact on the price of concrete. Order concrete in our company "Ready Mix Concrete Blackfriars". Bet on quality and professionalism

  • Our Ready Mix Concrete Blackfriars concrete plant offers you various types of concrete and provides concrete pumping services.RMC Blackfriars has concrete mixers with a capacity of 9m3 and a concrete pump with a reach of 28m. The "Ready Mix Concrete Blackfriars" concrete plant has equipment that allows the transport of any even small amount of your ordered concrete as well as simultaneous delivery using a pump. Thanks to the experienced crew that has we are able to provide Concrete Delivery Blackfriars and mortars directly to the construction site, even over considerable distances, with practical knowledge and a well-functioning planning system. Order delivery today

  • The "Ready Mix Concrete Blackfriars" concrete plant offers concrete pumping. Additional information for customers ordering concrete pumping service. The place for setting the pump, hydraulic pump supports and pear assembly should be hardened. The level of the pump stand must not be higher than the access road for the truck concrete mixer, as this could prevent unloading of the concrete mixer. The access of concrete mixers should be located in such a way that the concrete mixer has to drive the shortest distance backwards. There should be no trees or any electric traction lines at the place of extension of the jib and pump mast operation. Order Concrete Pump Blackfriars